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Thomas Fire destroys homes and forces hundreds in Ventura to evacuate

VENTURA, Calif. - The fast-moving Thomas Fire ripped through homes across Ventura County Monday night.

Some people are now homeless, and some are still waiting to find out if their home made it.

Patrick Clensay is picking up the pieces of what used to be his daughters home on 238 Ann street in Ventura.

“It was roaring toward us faster than anything we could ever imagine,” said Clensay.

He says what is left of the home, looks like a war zone after the Thomas fire destroyed the home.

“They had to evacuate last night like everybody and there was no question about it,” said Clensay. “We’ve had occasions when it didn’t seem that close or it didn’t seem too threatening but this here was no joke.”

While others, like Jack Comeau who evacuated, are still waiting to know if their home survived. Comeau was evacuated from his apartment complex on Kalorama Street Monday night. This morning, he was watching, waiting and wondering if his most prized possessions would make it.

"Some things are more than just stuff,” said Comeau. “I went further up and had my heart broken.”

Residents across Ventura County, like Sarah Golden packed up their belongings and headed to the nearest shelter

“This is the first time I’ve ever been this close to fire,” said Golden. “We have seen it over the hills before but never this close where you can literally see the trees burning out your window.”

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