Ventura County

The Heat is On in Ojai

Temperatures Stay Above 100 for Most of the Day

OJAI, Calif. - It was the kind of weather Thursday that makes you want to jump in the fountain at the entrance of Ojai's Libby Park, but no one did.

Temperature soared to 102 in Ojai and 100 in Fillmore.

People kept cool by staying indoors with air conditioning.

Those who ventured outside carried umbrellas, water and cold treats.

Magda Freedom-Rod of did yoga in a shaded pavilion in the park.

While on her head, she explained how it made her feel good.

Others headed to Bliss Frozen Yogurt of Ojai. The company celebrating its third anniversary enjoyed a brisk business.

It is one the few places with a water mist above outdoor tables.

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