Ventura County

Suspect Nabbed After Rite Aid Robbery

Officers arrested suspect within minutes of the crime

VENTURA, Calif. - A Ventura resident was arrested Tuesday night after robbing a Rite Aid.

Agustin Tafoya, 28, walked into the Rite Aid on the 2700 block of Thompson Blvd. He gave a cashier a note that demanded money from the register. Tafoya used a Rite Aid bag to collect the money and left the store.

Shortly after Tafoya left the store, the cashier and store manager called police and reported the crime. Officers in the area responded within seconds canvassing the surrounding area, and spotted Tafoya.

Both surveillance video and witness accounts were used to positively identify the suspect.

The stolen money was recovered, and Tafoya was arrested and charged with robbery.

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