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Surfer Swims Back to Shore to Catch Alleged Burglar in the Act

Gordon Gleason, 59, arrested

Surfers Help Catch Burglary Suspect

VENTURA, Calif. - A woman surfing at Surfer's Point in Ventura Saturday paddled back to shore to catch a thief.

Surfer Maliny Soukkhasem, noticed a man rummaging through the car she had locked and parked in the lot near Figueroa Street in Ventura just before noon.

Soukkhasem and her friend, and fellow surfer, Jolie Bernal, confronted the man and held on to him until a patrol officer arrived.

In a Facebook message, Soukkhasem credits Bernal with pulling the alleged thief out of the car. "She beats me to it and gets the thief, pulls him out of the car, punches him, pins him to ground all the while there are men standing around in awe/shock but not doing anything. Someone finally calls 911 and helps us."

Ventura police arrested Gordon Gleason,. 59, of Ventura on suspicion of vehicle burglary. They say Gleason found the victim's hidden keys and unlocked the car doors.

Police want to remind people in the parking lot near Surfer's Point or similar surfing locations that criminals will often check areas commonly used to hide vehicle keys.

Although some keys can't get wet due to electronic chips, it's best to keep a key that can with you when you are surfing.

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