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Students Study Oarfish DNA

Students Study Oarfish DNA

VENTURA, Calif. -   Some Ventura students are diving into the mysteries of an exotic fish that grabbed the headlines in October of last year.
  Students at Foothill Technology High School are studying tissue samples from the two oarfish found off the California coast.

  We know very little about these giant fish because they live nearly 3,000 feet under the ocean's surface.

  These high-school seniors are actually preparing tissues samples for DNA testing, with the help of Coastal Marine Biolabs in Ventura.

"We are going to start the process of isolating the DNA and purifying the samples.  So we can eventually get the little piece of DNA we need to build the barcode," said Claire Jurgensen

"It just makes you really excited about science and it really is just an incredible experience to be part of such a huge global project," said Ami Ballmer.

  Once the testing is done, it will be entered into a special DNA database.

  Right now there is only one oarfish in the database so the work of these young scientists will be a big help as experts learn more about these elusive creatures.

  For more information on Coastal Marine Biolabs and the programs they offer go to:

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