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Somis School Plans Move to Avoid Potentially Explosive Problem

The school is currently sitting on top of gas lines

Somis School Plans Move to Avoid Potentially Explosive Probl

SOMIS, Calif. - Somis Union School District has announced it will be moving the district's only school.

The school on North Street in Somis is currently home to 240 kindergarten through eighth grade students. The school has been around since 1895, but soon it will be moved due to the gas lines that run underneath the campus.

A risk assessment engineer found three gas lines and an additional petroleum line, run right under the school's play ground.

"Just having the possibility that something is going to explode and in that pipeline risk assessment it was explained to us in kill zones. Were it to explode anywhere in this general area our kids would not survive if they were within the first 100 feet," said Dr. Colleen Robertson, Superintendent of Somis School District.

The Somis Union School District just bought ten acres on West Street, to build a new campus on. The new property is just down the street from the current campus.

The goal is to start building a new school on that land in the next year.

While the school would like to start building as soon as possible, the district has not yet reached its funding goal.

Dr. Robertson says another eight million dollars is needed in order to get approval to start building the new campus.

For more information on the school's moving plans, and the funds they need to move click on the link,

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