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'Shark Tank' Gives Big Boost to Ventura Teen's Business

'Shark Tank' Gives Big Boost to Ventura Teen's Business

VENTURA, Calif. - Millions watched a Ventura teenager make a deal on ABC's "Shark Tank," but since the show was taped that young entrepreneur had a change of heart.

Sixteen-year-old Henry Miller is a junior at Buena High School.  He offered the so-called sharks a chance to invest in his spicy honey business, Henry's Humdingers.

On the show Miller accepted a deal with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec.  The sharks offered him $300,000 for a 75 percent share of his company, but after the show aired the potentially enormous deal fell through.

"In the end after six months of negotiations, the deal did not go through.  We both decided that maybe it wasn't the best.  In the end, it's OK; there is no bad blood.  I am really happy about the way things turned out," said Miller.

Even though Miller's deal with the sharks didn't work out, his business is still reaping the benefits from being on "Shark Tank."  The week after "Shark Tank" episode aired, Miller said, his business sold about $80,000 worth of product.

For more information on how to buy Henry's Humdingers Honey Click Here.

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