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Search Dog Foundation Gets Help From Seabees and Army

Search Dog Foundation Gets Help From Seabees and Army

SANTA PAULA, Calif. - Local Seabees are partnering with the Army to build a disaster town in Santa Paula.

The town is being built for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Once it is complete it will be used to train dogs on how to find victims of a disaster.

"It is to simulate a neighborhood.  Once it is all done, it will look like a tornado or earthquake has come through.  So that search teams from all over the country can come and get that experience right here instead of having to learn on the job," said Debra Tosch with the National Search Dog Foundation.

The Seabees and Army are currently building two homes and a motel in the disaster town.  They will wrap up this project in the upcoming month.  Their work is part of a civil-military program created to improve military readiness while improving the local community.

For more information on the National Disaster Dog Foundation click here.

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