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Scientist Start Evaluating Environmental Impact of Oil Spill

Scientist Start Evaluating Environmental Impact of Oil Spill

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Scientist are already starting to evaluate how much damage the oil spill near Refugio state beach will have on our environment.

Sean Anderson an environmental science resource management professor at Cal State University Channel Islands, studies oil spills across the globe and said this this spill will be well documented because of the strict regulations California put in place following the 1969 oil spill near Santa Barbara.

"We have actually been very proactive here in California, on the West Coast, and we actually set up a whole network of monitoring things up and down the California coast and every quarter a scientist will go out and check and see what type of critters is on that rocks," said Anderson.

Anderson said this monitoring system was put in place in California following the oil spill along Santa Barbara's coastline in 1969. He said the monitoring system will help scientists determine how much damage the oil spill we had on Tuesday near Refugio will create. 

"If we had not had this group of data that we have monitoring these systems we would be much harder pressed to say what was going on," said Anderson.

Anderson said it will be months before we know the true impact the oil spill left on our environment.

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