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Santa Paula Dogs Seized During Fight Recover

Santa Paula Dogs Seized During Fight Recover

SANTA PAULA, Calif. - April 8th is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.   In observance of the day NewsChannel 3 decides to check up on 17 dogs that were seized in March from a Santa Paula man accused of using the dogs to fight.

When the dogs arrived at the shelter they were in horrible condition -- some were even in critical condition.  "They had a wide range of injuries from punctures, to a fractured jaw, broken teeth, and flesh tears and lacerations," said John Brockus with the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center.

Four weeks later the dogs are now doing much better. "Most of the dogs are doing real well now.  They have started coming into their own personalities, and getting more exercise.  They are feeling better so they are acting better. We have had one of the females recently have a miscarriage so it is confirmed the owner was breeding these animals before they got to us," said Brockus.

While the dogs are at the rescue center they are not only cared for; they are also regularly walked and receiving some basic training.

When the dogs were taken from Silvano Moses Duran's home police found evidence of dogs being trained to fight including an agitator stick, and pit bulls with clipped ears.  Brockus said even if the dogs were used for fighting someday they could make good family pets.

"What we find generally is animals that have been trained to fight interact well with people. It is not generally that they are automatically aggressive with another animal until they are encouraged to be.  So we have not seen aggression in these animals," said Brockus.

The owner of the dogs is currently under investigation for animal cruelty.  If Silvano Moses Duran is not allowed to get his dogs back they will be eligible for adoption.

It is unknown if or when these dogs will be ready for adoption, but in the meantime Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center does need help paying for their care.  

Donations may be made online at

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