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Safe Launch Flies Addiction Prevention Message from Santa Barbara to Ventura County

Outreach effort underway in several areas

Addiction Message Takes Flight

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Safe Launch program to teach children about the dangers of addictions is reaching out.  Organizers flew from Santa Barbara to Ventura County to share their information with children there.

Part of the program was an informal talk about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.  The main purpose was to explain how addictions can be a life long battle with serious consequences. 

Heading it off at an early age, can help stem the tide of addictions many adults face.

Janet Rowse and Ron Cuff with Safe Launch flew to Camarillo to meet with eight girls from the Boys and Girls Club.

Afterwards the Cessna plane that was flown in for the day was the canvas for the young people to paint messages.   Many reinforced their positive behavior and mentioned health, dance, art, music and love.

One girl, Gracie Centeno had a message in paint on the nose of the plane that read, "don't do drugs, they won't replace hugs. You'll hang out with thugs. Don't be a fool, drugs aren't cool."

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