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RV parking fills up fast on Rincon for Memorial Day weekend

Finding a key spot starts early for those who want a beachfront location

No More Parking at Rincon

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - The days of leaving Friday for a three-day weekend along the Rincon coastline are over for RV owners.  Spots are filled, and some visitors say they had to secure their site as early as last Sunday.

You can't beat the cost.  It's only $28.00 a day.

"This is my favorite spot and I've been camping for 50 years," said Santa Clarita resident Gary McDiffitt.  He and his wife have their two dogs with them and come to this spot on the coast four times a year.

It's first-come, first-served, and by now all 127 sites are taken.

The Ventura County Parks Department monitors the area regularly to make sure everyone who is parked on the scenic waterfront setting along the Pacific Coast Highway, has paid up.

Recreational vehicle owners say timing is everything for the scenic spots framed by the ocean on one side, and the foothills and coast highway on the other side.

Camarillo resident Bill Varney says he came in Monday and has seen the sites disappear quickly.

"Monday it was about three quarters full, so we took a spot. On Tuesday there was about 12 spots left.  Wednesday there were two," said Varney.  By sundown they were all gone. 

Sitting just steps from the crashing waves, the RV'ers say even planning in advance, there's no guarantee they will get a spot.

Varney's wife Frances says timing and luck help her get a spot before the popular site is sold out.  "Say a  prayer as you are driving up the highway to make sure there's a spot," she said.

They come with all the comforts of home with their big motor coaches but many of the beachfront campers just love to watch nature's show.

"Every once in a while we see whales. We usually see dolphins,' said McDiffitt.

"Usually on the weekends there are low flying planes that come by. There's always entertainment. The pelicans dive, so you can watch them, " said Frances Varney.

At the end of the day, the extra time it took to get the prime spots makes for a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

"Oh it's great. We watch the sun set, " said McDiffitt as he looked at the spot where he expected the sun to go down later in the day.

Bill Varney looked off at the ocean horizon and said, "there aren't many places left like this on the California coast. They're kind of disappearing."       

RV parking fills up fast on Rincon for Memorial Day weekend

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