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Residents Protest Ventura Church's Homeless Services

Residents Protest Ventura Church's Homeless Services

VENTURA, Calif. - Some people in Ventura are fed up with a church that feeds the homeless several times an week.

Harbor Church is on Prebel Avenue in midtown Ventura.  It is next to an elementary school, a daycare, and a park.

More than 50 residents say they don't like walking their children to school next to homeless people waiting for breakfast and lunch.  Members of the church say feeding the homeless is part of their faith.

"This is an expression of our faith and so basically we are living out what the Bible asks us to do, take care of the poor and defend the rights of the widow," said church member Jenni Garcia.

"They need to relocate the services.  One for convenience of the people so they are better served by the services and then two to an area that is not as impactful to small children, because safety is the bottom issue," said concerned neighbor Matt Bowman.

The Ventura CIty Council had a meeting discussing the issue on Monday, but after nearly six hours of public comment the City Council decided to continue the meeting to March 3.

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