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Report of suspicious person leads to shutdown of Ventura schools in Saticoy area

Police did not find a suspect or a gun

Report of a gunman leads to lockdowns at Ventura schools in Saticoy

VENTURA, Calif. - Principal Jennifer Duston of Atlas Elementary called Ventura police on Thursday afternoon after students came to her office to report seeing what looked like a man with a gun outside the school fence. 


"The minute that I heard anything I just wanted to get those kids locked down just to insure their safety," said Duston.


All of the Saticoy schools in the area including Atlas, Douglas Penfield School and Sacred Heart were place on lockdown by school staff.


Ventura Police K-9, School Resource Officers and detectives and a Sheriff's helicopter did a search of each school but did not find a suspect.


Duston said they practice for these sorts of things and she said they marked the anniversary of the Florida shooting with something other than a walkout.


"We did a kindness day yesterday, we celebrated a walk-up instead of a walkout so yesterday was actually a really great day where children were giving each other high fives and smiles," said Duston.


Officers stood by as parents picked up their children to make sure everyone was okay.


They are asking anyone with information to give Ventura Police a call at (805) 339-4416


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