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Port goes bananas during annual festival

Banana Festival invites public to...

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The Port of Hueneme hosted its 6th annual Banana Festival on Saturday.

The festival gave visitors an opportunity to tour the port and to learn about its top imports and exports.

Port Commissioner and board president Jess Herrera said they import enough bananas to go around the world more than a dozen times.

"Since 1937 the vision of Richard Bard, who created this port, was to create jobs for our community and then that turned into not only an economic benefit for us but also the United States Navy, " said Herrera,

Port CEO Kristin Decas said, "We move goods all around the world."

She said the port moves, cars, fertilizer and all kinds of cargo.

More 13,600 plus job are affiliated with trade activity at the deep sea port in Port Hueneme.

The port was recently named the Greenest Port of the Year at an industry summit.

People attending the festival tried plenty of sweet banana treats.

They didn't leave the festival empty handed, they received free bananas to enjoy.


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