Ventura County

People and horses return home after fire

Roads open after fire closure

People and horses return home after fire

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - The Springs fire that started last Thursday is almost out. 

But life isn't back to normal.

Road closures were lifted Monday allowing residents and horses to return home.

At Hidden Valley Ranch, competition horses returned to their stables.

Trainer Patricia Harris said she could not thank  Dr. Richard Stevens and other veterinarians enough for helping them evacuate horses.

Some horses are recovering from smoke inhalation.  They are being given lots of water and care so they can return to the ring later this month.

Other ranches, including at least one owned by a celebrity, were affected by the flames too.

Many Newbury Park residents went for walks Monday to see the devastation.

Carolyn Fross said it feels like everyone's backyard burned.

Wendy Trail is closed. The  13-mile trail runs all the way to the coast.

It could take months for the trail to be safe enough for hikers.

Firefighters said there are still hot spots even though the ground is soggy due to a change in the weather.

They call hot trees widow-makers or snags because they can keep burning from the inside until they fall. They can also reignite fires.

The California Conservation Corps and inmate crews are trying to prevent more fires.

They are using a wood chipper to cut up trees burned by some of the backfires set by firefighters.

Just south of Wendy Drive on Potrero Road in Newbury Park people can see the containment line created by firefighters fighting fire with fire.

The Santa Monica Mountains residents usually see are no longer green.

Firefighters said they may never know the exact cause, but they think it appears to be accidental.

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