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Oxnard Students Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

California holiday celebrated on March 31st

OXNARD, Calif. - Cesar Chavez day was celebrated at local schools with special assemblies. At Haydock Academy of Arts and Science in Oxnard students attended their regularly classes but then ended the day with a special assembly.
At the assembly students heard from speakers about the history of Cesar Chavez Day, celebrated on March 31st in California. School administrators say the assembly is also being used to make the community aware that the school is a safe zone for all immigrants
During the rally students presented projects about their family’s immigration to America.

“It’s a message of hope and opportunity and it is certainly something that the school stands for and with the current climate there has been a lot of anxiety within the community and we thought we would want to make a really positive statement about how we are here to support the students,” said Haydock’s principal, Edd Bond.

“I learned a lot of things that I did not know about Mexico.  Like that my uncle struggled in Mexico but when he got here, it started getting better and now his kids have a better future and education,” said 8th grade student, Jonathan Melchor

“I learned that a lot of people literally risked their lives to come over here and find better opportunities to have a better life,” said 8th grade student, Jesus Garcia.

School officials hope that programs like this will help show the students that the school will support its students regardless of immigration status.“Regardless of the political climate they are safe.  They are safe here at our school.  They are safe here at Oxnard School District they come first and we are going to be on the front lines protecting them every step of the way,” said Haydock’s Assistant Principal Eduardo Guerena.


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