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Oxnard resident initiates recall for city mayor, councilmembers

Oxnard resident initiates recall for...

OXNARD, Calif. - The push to remove Oxnard's mayor and city council just took a big step forward.

Oxnard resident, Aaron Starr, gathered roughly 17,000 signatures to remove three city council members and Mayor Tim Flynn from office.

Starr's recall petition follows the council's vote to increase wastewater bills by 2020. The average home could pay around $279 more a year.

“I think this is a situation where we see the need for some increases,” said Starr.  “They are saying well let's abuse this process and way overcharge more than what is necessary so when I observed that I said this just isn’t right.”

Oxnard's mayor says the extra funds are needed for upgrades to the city wastewater facility that have been put off too long.

“We’re making a comeback as a city and we are addressing these issues and this very key facility was neglected for decades and now we are addressing those issues,” says Mayor Flynn.

Starr announced he has all the signatures he needs for a recall at this weeks city council meeting

Mayor Flynn defends the council’s decision—saying raising rates is necessary to maintain public health

If the recall qualifies for the ballot, a special election to unseat the mayor and council could happen by spring.

Mayor Flynn says a special election could cost the city a quarter of a million dollars.

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