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Oxnard Man Arrested for Selling Dangerous Fireworks

Man Arrested for Selling Dangerous Fireworks

OXNARD, Calif. - It's not even the Fourth of July yet, but a man is already under arrest for selling illegal fireworks.

Selling or buying fireworks is completely illegal in most cities up and down the coast, and local police departments are doing what they can to enforce that law.

There are some exceptions though.  In Santa Maria, Lompoc and Fillmore you can legally buy and use fireworks but only the ones that are labeled "Safe and Sane."

If the fireworks aren't labeled as "Safe and Sane," they are considered dangerous and completely illegal in the State of California.

"Basically, if they explode, fly, skip, travel or they dart. Those are the fireworks that fall into the category of dangerous fireworks," said Oxnard Police Department's Assistant Chief Jason Benites.
Local police departments are doing what they can to enforce the ban on fireworks.  On Tuesday, the Oxnard Police Department received a complaint on social media that a person was selling fireworks on Craiglist.  Benites said the Craigslist ad led undercover detectives to a shop on the 1100 block of Industrial Avenue in Oxnard.  According to Benites, undercover officers were able to purchase illegal fireworks from Christian Perez.  The 29-year old was arrested for illegal sales and possession of dangerous fireworks.  Police said they confiscated more than 25 types of illegal fireworks worth thousands of dollars from Perez.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with Christian Perez at his auto body shop where he was caught selling the fireworks.  Perez told NewsChannel 3 he knew selling fireworks is illegal, but he didn't see any harm in it and didn't realize he could be arrested for it.

Anyone possessing, storing, selling, using, transporting or handling any type of fireworks is subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

If you would like to report someone using fireworks in your neighborhood, call your local police department.  For anyone living in Oxnard, you can also report fireworks in advance of the holiday to  In your email, please include the address where the fireworks are being used.  It is not necessary for you to leave your name and phone number.

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