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Oxnard firefighters want to build 8th station

Station could improve emergency response times

Oxnard firefighters want to build 8th station

OXNARD, Calif. - Oxnard firefighters are one step closer to getting an eighth fire station.

Ventura County Supervisors removed restrictions on land near Oxnard College.

The site is on the corner of Channel Islands Boulevard and Rose Avenue.

College Park neighbors said the recent Springs fire made them aware of the threat of fires.

Supervisor John Zaragoza said the closest fire station is currently an eight-to 10-minute drive away.

Zaragoza said it is not up to the Oxnard City Council to vote on the matter.

Firefighters said measure "O" sales tax money could be used to fund the project.

Measure "O" created a half-cent sales-tax earmarked for vital city services.


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