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Oxnard Fire Captain recounts fighting Northern California fires

Oxnard Fire Captain recounts fighting...

OXNARD, Calif. - The Oxnard Fire Department was just one of many local agencies that helped fight the devastating fires near Santa Rosa

19 firefighters formed a strike team and assisted by working 12-hour shifts for 9 days straight.

Fire Captain, Donald Hudson has been fighting wildland fires for 43 years and says he has never witnessed anything more destructive than the fires in Northern California.

“Our assignment was to do hot spotting in the north part of Santa Rosa where the fire had blown straight out of the hills, said Hudson. “It was absolutely mind-boggling to try and understand what had occurred.”

Hudson says the fire took firefighters and residents by surprise, which is one reason it made it so destructive.

“With the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara, the fire had started up in the mountains and we knew sundowner winds were coming and we organized forces,” said Hudson. “We were in position when the fire did come and this was not the case in Santa Rosa. The fire came blowing right into town before anyone could react to it.”

While the work is tough and grueling, Hudson says it was an honor to represent the Oxnard Fire Department in northern California.

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