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Oxnard city council member speaks about new 15-story tower

Oxnard city council member speaks...

OXNARD, Calif. - Push back on a plan to construct a new skyscraper in Oxnard's Esplanade Financial Plaza.

Last Tuesday, council member Bert Perello was the only council member to vote against a plan to extend an agreement to allow construction of the new 15-story skyscraper.

Perello says in 1992, developer Topa Management was given approval to build, but never put sticks in the ground.

He says this project, 25 years in the making, is just taking too long.

“Business' who makes a profit is a good thing but a business that makes promises and don't follow through, that’s not a good thing for the residents," says Perello.

A park is currently taking up space where Perello says, construction would begin.

“We’re standing in a parking lot and a park that will go away if this building is there,” says Perello.

Kim Knapp works in the Financial Plaza and calls the park a hidden gem.

“A lot of people use this park," says Knapp.  "People walk here and bring their dogs here I hate to see the beautiful trees go it's just a nice place, especially in an industrial area.”

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Topa Management for a comment but have not received a reply on whether they will begin construction within the year.

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