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Oxnard Boat Explosion Burns Two, Causes Havoc At Channel Islands Harbor

Gas Fumes Ignite as Men Perform Maintenance on Boat

Oxnard Boat Explosion Burns Two, Causes Havoc

OXNARD, Calif. - An explosion rocked the Anacapa Marina last night at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, sending flames in the air and destroying a boat. The fire left two men with First and Second degree burns and it also left many residents running to see what was happening.

JJ Prescott, an eye witness to the fire, said "It was just incredible to see. It was just billowing. The flames were huge."

All that was left of the boat called the "Badfish" was a charred out fiberglass shell.  According to Oxnard Fire, gas fumes ignited the fire which caused the blaze.

Darwin Base, Battalion Chief of the Oxnard Fire Department, said "It was a pretty big deal down here. It got a lot of people's attention, especially the explosion. And people were concerned that other boats could catch fire."

The Oxnard Fire Station is just blocks away from where the Badfish was docked, which allowed firefighters to respond within seconds. Bill Burton, who witnessed the blaze, said "It's amazing the fire didn't move to other boats, but the fire department is just up the road."

The two men who were working on the boat at the time of the explosion are dealing with first and second degree burns to their hands and face as a result of the explosion, but after seeing the intensity of the flames, many eye witnesses were amazed that the injuries weren't worse. "The fact that the people survived is pretty amazing, especially with only burns."

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