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Mermaid month underway in Ventura Harbor Village

Mermaid meet and greets

Its Mermaid Month at the Ventura...

VENTURA, Calif. - Mermaids will be a fixture at Ventura Harbor Village in March.

The harbor calls it Mermaid Month.

All things mermaid are on display.

Mermaids are giving out treasures and posing for pictures while bubbles blow along the boardwalk.

There are also mermaid inspired sweets.

In honor of Coastal Cone's 35th anniversary the shop is serving Taiyaki treats.

The fish-shaped waffle cones are made at Coastal Cone and come in Harboryaki, Oreoyaki, Chocoyaki, Berryyaki flavors.

The harbor is offering free postcards and stamps if visitors want to write home about it.

Mermaid Month fans are invited to return in their own costumes for the Mermaid People's Parade on March 24.


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