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Man With Incurable Disease Granted Wish To Go To College

Man With Incurable Disesaes' Wish To Attend College Granted

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - A man with an incurable disease had a wish to go to college -- and his wish is coming true.

21-year old Ben Sikorra has Juvenile Batten Disease, a rare illness that causes progressive neurological impairment; including seizures, dementia, loss of vision and motor skills. Instead of letting his disease get the best of him, Ben is doing what he can to continue living a full life.

One of his wishes was to attend college, and California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks is helping his with come true by welcoming him as a new student.

This weekend, Ben is attending orientation, and next week he will start his first class at Cal Lutheran.

"I am happy here, happy in this new school," said Ben Sikorra.

"This is a dream come true for Ben, to have this college experience, and for us as parents we kind of get to have that, and we never anticipated as parents getting to have that., so we are just thrilled," said Ben's dad, Joe Sikorra.

Besides class, Ben will also be attending football practices and student activities.

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