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Local quadriplegic man says Delta misplaced his $15,000 wheelchair

Local quadriplegic man claims Delta...

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - A quadriplegic man from Ventura wants answers from Delta Air Lines after the airline company allegedly misplaced his wheelchair on a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

37-year-old Kevin Natale says when he arrived in Los Angeles, flight crew told him they misplaced his $15,000 wheelchair.

“The people with the airlines said we can’t find your wheelchairs and so that was a little off-putting because basically, those are my legs,” said Natale.

Natale waited for three and a half hours and ended up leaving the airport without his chair.

“Bags get lost, things get lost, items get lost, but wheelchairs for people when that is their livelihood,” said Natale. “That should not happen.”

Kevin and his sister, Kristine Belanger, who is also his full-time caregiver, say Delta called on their way home saying they eventually located the chair. Both are still wondering what went wrong.

“This was an amazing and very risky trip for us to get him to do,” said Belanger. “All that we did and to have this was my worst nightmare.”

Natale says he has reached out to Delta for an explanation but has not heard back. KEYT Reporter Alex Biston also reached out to Delta representatives and is awaiting a response. We will post that response here once it becomes available.

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