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La Conchita Residents Eyeing Hillside As Storm Approaches

Ventura County Fire Station 25 Offering Residents Sandbags

La Conchita Residents Eyeing Hillside As Storm Approaches

LA CONCHITA, Calif. - La Conchita residents are keeping a close eye on the hillside behind their homes as heavy rain is expected to hit by Friday.

The seaside town in Ventura County is no stranger to landslides. In 1995 nine homes were buried as the earth slid from the hill. Ten years later in 2005, the hill gave way again. The second slide killed 10 people and destroyed 18 homes.

Ventura County Fire Station 25 is offering sand and sandbags for residents to prepare for this latest storm. Firefighter are urging people in La Conchita to be ready before the strongest weather system moves in.

Residents have been through this before and say they're cautious but feel safe.

"Everybody has everything under control," Felipe Castaneda said. "We just kind of make sure that we look at the mountain every minute or two."

Following the landslides of '95 and '05, a study was done by the state on the slope behind La Conchita. Long-time homeowners say the study showed the hillside it relatively stable and it would take a heavy soaking to put residents at risk again.

But following the dry weather from the drought and new storms moving in, everyone in La Conchita is keeping an eye on the hillside they know all to well. 

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