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How two different Ventura families experienced the Thomas Fire

How two different families experienced the Thomas Fire

VENTURA, Calif. - Families who evacuated from the Ondulando neighborhood in Ventura are coming back to see what’s left of their homes.

Ventura resident John Quebbemann has come to search his burned down family home every day since the Thomas fire ripped through the neighborhood.

Thursday he found something he thought he would never see again: photos from the halls of his home, saved by firefighters.

“It’s nice to be able to see photos again,” said Quebbemann. 

Firefighters shuttled the photos to his neighbor’s house as Quebbemann’s family home was burning.

“They broke into the house and they took the photos and took them to the neighbors house next to the front door,” said Quebbemann.

Quebbmann says these saved treasures will help bring hope to his family

Barbara Laytham, another Ondulando resident, says her home is just one of the only homes still standing on her street.

“We wont be able to recreate it,” said Laytham. “We are all standing at a portal of ‘what is next.’”

Laytham’s mother built their home in 1959.

She says even though her family home is still intact, the neighborhood will never be the same

“It’s not just me,” said Laytham. “It’s all of the people whose lives touched that home and I’m beginning to find out now as the days pass, they are grieving it as much as I am.”

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