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Hospitalized killer Charles Manson has local links to Santa Barbara and Ventura

Hospitalized mass murderer Charles Manson had links to Santa Barbara and Ventura

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Charles Manson may be on his deathbed. He was taken to a hospital in Bakersfield this week and is said to be in grave condition.

A look back at his infamous life before his killing spree shows links to both Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

The cult leader interpreted the Beatles song 'Helter Skelter' as a call for a race war.

To get a race war started prosecutors believe Manson orchestrated the August 1969 Los Angeles murders of actress Sharon Tate Polanski, who was eight months pregnant, and four of her friends, followed by the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Deputies arrested Manson with a group of hippies at Sycamore Canyon bonfire. Newspapers reports said Manson was booked into Ventura County Jail in April of 1968 on suspicion of stealing a bus that got stuck in a ditch, and for possessing two drivers licenses.
A photograph shows Manson's photo and a 705 Bath Street, Santa Barbara, address.

It also has his infamous signature with a swastika, like the one carved into his forehead, between the Man and the son.

Current residents had no idea about their home's history. Neighbors walking by seemed shocked.

"This is the last place where I would think he would live in Santa Barbara, " said Brooke Lyn Landon. 

Manson and his followers were sentenced to death, but when California temporarily abolished the death penalty in 1972, their sentences were changed to life terms. 

Several years later, another Manson follower was convicted of trying to kill, then, President Gerald Ford in Santa Francisco.

Manson, 83, has been hospitalized with gastrointestinal problems more than once this year, but this time the Corcoran State Prison inmate is reportedly in grave condition.

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