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Heroin Use on the Rise

Heroin Use on the Rise

VENTURA, Calif. - Heroin use is on the rise.  Not only across the nation but here at home as well.

According to the U.S. government the use of heroin has doubled in the last decade.  Those figures reflect what is happening locally as well. 

According to a study done by the Ventura County Health Care Agency, in 2008, Ventura County had 23 heroin-related deaths.  In 2012, that number had skyrocketed to 43 heroin-related deaths in just one year.

One big reason for the rise in use is the national crackdown on prescription pill abuse.  Narcotics experts say, prescription pills are now harder to get, and more expensive than heroin.

"If you have a kid or an adult who is addicted to pills, and if they don't have the money to pay for those pills that are 20-30 dollars a pill, but they can have heroin and those dealers are saying well I don't have any pills but here is this heroin and it's a lot cheaper, 'which one do you think they are going to do?" said Not One More President Melissa Siebers.

Click here for more information on Not One More and the education they provide our community.

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