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Grower offers workers housing

Limoneira breaks ground on 71 rental units

Grower offers workers housing

SANTA PAULA, Calif. - For years, farm workers have had a difficult time finding housing, especially during harvests.  Some live in garages or anywhere they can.

Limoneira, one of the world's leading producers of lemons and avocados, is trying to change that.

The Santa Paula-based grower already has 192 homes designated for agriculture workers.  The publicly-traded company is now in the midst of building 71 new units.

President and Chief Executive Officer Harold Edwards said, "This provides Limoneira the unique ability to offer housing to agriculture workers and our employees, which in turn helps provide us with a consistent source of labor that is core to the success of our agribusiness."

Construction is getting underway on the Foothill Road.

The units should be complete by late next year.

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