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Golden Hawks Return To Point Mugu

Greeted by family and friends at base

Golden Hawks Return To Point Mugu

POINT MUGU, Calif. - After more than seven months abroad, Naval Base Ventura County's "Golden Hawks" are back home. When they arrived on the tarmac Tuesday morning hundreds of family members, friends and fellow military members were standing by to greet them.

The squadron of 19 has spent the last seven months on board the U.S.S. John C. Stennis deployed out in the Western Pacific and South China Sea, and on this special day the crew's sea legs touched down on land and they were able to reunite with their families.

"It was wonderful incredibly emotional. Everything I have been anticipating for the last seven months, so we are really happy he is here," said Katie Cline moments after she reunited with her husband.

"I have been gone since the beginning of the year and it is just a great relief to be home and see how big they have gotten. I am just really happy," said Chuck Cline.

While on deployment, this squadron flew in 428 missions. Their primary duty while in their E-2C Hawkeye planes was to alert the ship of incoming aircraft and provide information on what was happening on the high seas.

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