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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The month of May is known as National Foster Care Month. It's a time to focus the attention on the thousands of American children in foster care. 

Many people tend to pay closer attention to children in need of a foster home and overlook the young adults that have the same needs.

"Luckily California has turned over a new bill and is giving foster children an extended amount of time to become self-sufficient," said Martie Miles, district director of Aspiranet.

This program is just one of many offered through Aspiranet. The Transitional Housing Placement Plus Foster Care program provides additional assistance to foster kids after they turn 18 until they are 21. Such assistance includes: paying for living expense, guidance in schooling, life coach, and other support to help them get on their feet successfully.

"Before the transitional program was established these kids were on the streets and they had no resources like how to pay a bill, go to the doctor, or apply for school. That's the type of stuff that this program provides. It's so phenomenal to see the growth that we have had in these kids," said Leticia Woodruff, foster supervisor.

For more information on becoming a foster parents or learning about the available programs click on the link below:

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