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Fishing Boat Washes Ashore in Oxnard

Boat is now on its side leaking fuel into surf

Fishing Boat Washes Ashore in Oxnard

OXNARD, Calif. - Crews are working to get a fishing boat off the sand after it ran aground late Thursday night.

The captain of the Kim Tranh boat left the port with full tanks of fuel and turned on his autopilot before he took a nap. The autopilot had been set incorrectly and the boat washed ashore.

The boat is currently laying on its side and leaking diesel fuel into the surf at Ormond Beach at the end of Arnold street near Point Mugu. A contractor has been called to reduce the fuel spill.

Ventura County Sheriffs have closed the beach, and are working on the cleanup. Earlier this morning crews tried pulling the boat back into the water during high tide, but were unsuccessful. Now crews will try to take the boat apart and truck it away.

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