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Fillmore fireworks sales booming despite rules

Customers not supposed to use fireworks out of town

Fillmore fireworks sales booming despite rules

FILLMORE, Calif. - About 20 nonprofits hope to cash-in from fireworks sales in Fillmore, including Fillmore Search and Rescue.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department and Fire Department don't condone the sales that could lead to injuries and fires during dry conditions. But the tradition is a cash cow for sports clubs, veterans and search and rescue volunteers.

Fillmore has the corner on the market because no other city in Ventura County allows fireworks, and sellers have no way to prevent customers from taking the fireworks out of town.

The nonprofits put bilingual postcards in each bag of fireworks sold, setting out the discharge rules.

Fireworks with Safe & Sane logos are only legal within the city limits of Fillmore until  noon on July  5.

The fine for illegal fireworks possession and use is $1100,00.

Fillmore has a park designation for the use of legal fireworks.

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