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Ex-con Robs Date At Gunpoint

OXNARD, Calif. - An Oxnard woman's date went horribly wrong, when the man she was on a date with robbed her at gunpoint. Tonight that man is behind bars, and the woman, although shaken-up, is OK.

Police say 29-year old Juan Rodriguez ended his date with an Oxnard woman by robbing her at gunpoint. The robbery took place at 5:45 Monday morning at Seventh and B streets in Oxnard. Police say Rodriguez took off with the woman's purse.

"He did have a gun, and he did point it at her when he took the belongings from her and he asked her to exit the vehicle which she did, and she immediately reported it to the Police Department," said Crystal Walker with the Oxnard Police Department.

Rodriguez was arrested about five hours later near his car following a brief foot pursuit. Rodriguez was charged with four felony and two misdemeanor charges for his alleged actions. Oxnard Police say he was an ex-convict currently in the Post Release Offender Program, created by Assembly Bill 109. This program mandates that individuals sentenced to non-violent, non-serious or non-sex offenses will serve their sentence in county jails instead of prison.

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