Ventura County

Driving rain hits the highway

VENTURA, Calif - Heavy rain on the 101 freeway on Tuesday was interrupted by on and off sun.

Dark cumulonimbus clouds moved through Ventura around 3p.m.

Many drivers slowed down during the downpour.

People heading to the Fess Parker Resort for an Appfolio property managment event noticed tents in the Rotunda.

Organizers said they planned ahead after hearing the forecast.

Appfolio's marketing coordinator, Mindy Sorenson, said, "We wanted to make sure we've got the view, we are outside and it is still nice and warm, yeah, we don't get a lot of rain, so we knew it was coming."

A calm before the next storm allowed guests to enjoy the fire pits outdoors after sunset.

"I actually think it is fantastic, "said Dylan Tender, "It is about time we got some rain."


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