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Crews sorting Montecito mudslide debris at Ventura County Fairgrounds

Crews sorting mudslide debris at...

VENTURA, Calif. - Wood, rocks, and sediment pilled high is not a sight you’d expect to see at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

The California Office of Emergency Services and Santa Barbara County have been working to sort material at the fairgrounds for almost a month.

Cal OES took in more than 41,000 tons of debris from public streets in Montecito.

“It’s important to first get Montecito back on its feet,” said Deputy Director of Santa Barbara County Public Works, Mark Schleich. “They obviously went through a major disaster with devastation.”

Crews are sorting the material to separate piles and bringing them to places where they can eventually be re-purposed.

“A lot of this stuff can definitely be reused,” said Schleich. “It’s providing function, like sandstone rocks that will probably be re-purposed. Wood has been shipped and can be re-purposed. Caltrans is using some of that for erosion control and the mud has gone to add sand to Carpinteria and Goleta beach.”

Cal OES says they are expecting the material to be cleared out of the fairgrounds by Friday.

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