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Couples Rush to Alter on Valentine's Day

Couples Rush to Alter on Valentine's Day

VENTURA, Calif. - Roses, chocolates, champagne- all wonderful ways to celebrate this Valentine's Day, but it's still not enough for some sentimental sweethearts.

This Valentin's Day there were more couples that are not only saying "I love you" but they are also saying "I do"

This Valentines day is special for a number of reasons the date falls on 2-14-2014 and it's a full moon.

All local county clerk's offices saw a huge increase in marriage applications this Valentine's Day.

The county clerk office in Santa Barbara reported 18 marriages.  The county clerk office in San Luis Obispo reporter 14.  The county clerk office in Ventura reported about 50.

One reason for the increase is this is the first Valentines Day same-sex marriage is legal in California.

 "We've had same-sex couples get married today and it's exciting for us.  We think the 40 percent increase equates to this is our first Valentine's Day that same-sex couples are being able to be married here.  So this is an exciting day for them, and it's exciting for us and I think for a large part that is why we are busier, and we are going to break a record today and that's good," said Ventura County clerk and recorder Mark Lunn.

One of the happy couples getting married today was highschool sweethearts Chris and Tannia Hernandez.   "We are excited.  We waited for this day for a long time.  We have been high school sweathearts, so it's like jitters and just nervous," said Tannia minutes before her wedding.  Chris Hernandez also liked getting married on Valetine's Day because he would never forget an anniversary, "For me it is a little bit nicer because it's an easy day to remember."

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