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Construction approved for new skyscraper in Oxnard

Developer has one year to get permits

Construction approved for new...

OXNARD, Calif. - Oxnard's skyline could soon have a new look.

The city council just approved construction for a 15-story building at the Esplanade Financial Plaza on the corner of Vineyard Avenue and Esplanade Drive.

But it’s not as simple as, 'approve and build.'

Oxnard city manager Kathleen Malloy says Tuesday’s approval is a one-year extension of a development agreement between the city and developer Topas Management.

Mallory says the previous agreement was 15 years and by extending it one year, the council is hoping the developer kicks construction into gear.

“The motivation was to give [Topas Management] a year to get all of [their] building permits through the system and to get the construction going in the ground," Mallory said. "The 
council felt that this was giving them a lot of time and it was time for them to get moving.”

If built, the structure will be a 31,000 square-foot commercial office building with two different parking garages.

Mallory says the new building will bring jobs to the city and give existing businesses a chance to upgrade.

“It will definitely result in more jobs and it would be commercial office-type jobs," Mallory said. "There would be the possibility for businesses to relocate.”

New jobs isn't the only thing the skyscraper could bring to town. Nearby businesses are hoping the new building will bring them a business boom.

Chris Coggins works at Cycle Gear, a motorcycle parts store located just across the street from the proposed construction site.

"There are a lot of buildings over there, there is a lot of business in there, so out of all the people there, some are bound to ride," Coggins said.

To move forward with the plan, Topas Management will have to submit the required building plans and the city will have to review them.

They have one year to get it done.

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