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City of Oxnard holds hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed funds

Residents have until Feb. 24 to file a claim

The City of Oxnard holds hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed funds

OXNARD, Calif. - The city of Oxnard may owe you money. It’s apart of hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed funds that the city wants to give back to you.

The amounts owed ranges from $5 dollars to thousands of dollars.

Oxnard City Treasurer Phil Molina says this money can come from an overpaid utility bill or business license -- even a check that was never delivered because of a change of address.

“Once you can identify that you are the person that is on that list then we will be glad to issue a check,” said Molina.

The city has over $300,000 of unclaimed money and only 15% has been claimed.

“That is a lot of money to a lot of people that will never see $300,000 in their life,” said Oxnard City Council Member, Bert Perello. “There is a lot of people on this list.”

NewsChannel 3’s Alex Biston called a few businesses on the list. One store manager had no idea he was owed around 77 dollars.

“I was surprised,” said Store Manager of Napa Auto Parts, Miguel Martinez. “Those bills go way back to quite a few years back so I was not aware of that.”

Perello says the time is overdue to return these funds back to the rightful owners.

"The money had been seized and over a period of time, after three years you are supposed to regularly disperse the money,” said Perello. “Over a number of years, it was never dispersed. With a new person coming into the treasurer office, he got on it."

The city legally has 59 days to have the list posted. Once the time is up, the unclaimed money will go into a general fund for the city.  

Time is ticking; you only have until Feb. 24, 2018, to claim your money.

To see if your name is on the list visit

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