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City of Oxnard Agrees to Multimillion Dollar Settlement

Oxnard Paying Record $6.7 Million for Police Shooting Death of Innocent Man

City of Oxnard Agrees to Multimillion Dollar Settlement

OXNARD, Calif. - The city of Oxnard will pay a local family $6.7 million after the accidental shooting death of an innocent man.

It's the largest amount ever paid by the city of Oxnard in a wrongful death case.

The family of Alfonso Limon held a press conference Wednesday to announce the terms of their settlement.  At the press conference the family said no matter how much money they get, they still have lost a loved one.

"He was such a loving person, we miss him every day and nothing will every replace him," said Alfonso Limon's sister Rebecca Limon.

"I just wish I could of done something different to go back that day and help my brother and get him out so he can be here with me," said Alfonso Limon's brother Gerardo Limon.

Twenty-one-year-old Alfonso Limon was shot by multiple officers on Oct. 13, 2012.  Alfonso Limon was walking home with his brother, Gerardo Limon after working out at Pacifica High School when Oxnard police started shooting at him. The family's attorney ,Adam Shea, said Alfonso Limon had 16 to 21 bullet wounds.

"Police never told us anything. Once the shooting started we were on our own from there," said Gerardo Limon about the night of the shooting.

Since then, the Oxnard Police Department has admitted officers mistook Alfonso Limon for suspects involved in a violent traffic stop nearby.

"He was aimed at, and shot at intentionally and it was later they realized he was not one of the people they were chasing," said Shea.

In addition to money the settlement outlines several non-monetary aspects.

"Money to us doesn't mean everything. It is not going to bring our brother back, it is not going to take our pain away or our suffering, but knowing that these little things will help not make this happen again gives us hope and for us to be able to move on," said Rebecca Limon.

The changes the Oxnard Police Department will look into include having all police officers wear body-mounted cameras, as well as audio recorders, and requiring all patrol units to have mounted cameras.

The settlement also states that Alfonso Limon's name be completely cleared.

The city of Oxnard is is also recognizing Alfonso Limon by declaring Oct. 13 Anti-Violence Day.

The spot where Alfonso Limon was wrongfully killed will also be marked with a plaque in his memory.

"It will remind the community of what happened that night so we can prevent it from happening again," said Gerardo Limon.

More details about the case will soon be released by the Ventura County District Attorney's Office.  Once the DA's review is complete the Oxnard Police Department plans on having a news conference to comment on the findings.

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