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Camarillo teen in medical academy will assist with eye surgery in India

Camarillo teen takes trip to India to help the blind

CAMARILLO, Calif. - A local high school Freshman is getting an opportunity of a lifetime to travel around the world. But it's no ordinary trip.

Cate Kelly is a freshman in the medical academy at Rancho Campana high school in Camarillo. And at the age of 14, she’s pursuing her dreams.

“My grandfather was an ophthalmologist so he really inspired me,” said Cate. "Over the summer I took a course with other ophthalmologist eye surgeons at UCSB and it was to learn how to do manual small incision cataract surgery so I am familiar with the procedure.”    

Cate along with her father Brian Kelly will travel to Siliguri, India on Thursday where Cate will get the opportunity to assist in eye surgery that will change many lives.

“She will participate as an observer or an assistant in cataract surgery,” said Kelly.

Cate and her father will travel to India with SEE-International, a non-profit based out of Santa Barbara that has performed over 500,000 sight-restoring surgeries since 1974. Cate will get the opportunity to observe multiple surgeries while in India.

“We have three ophthalmologists going, and over two days they will complete over 100 sight-restoring surgeries form blind patients,” said Brian Kelly.

It will not only be Cate’s first time out of the country but the first time she will get to witness miracles being made right before her eyes.

“I think it is really awesome how I can be ahead of the game in getting started on my dreams so early,” said Cate Kelly.

The father-daughter duo is using this time to also travel around the world. Before arriving in India they plan to stop in London, and Nepal to hike in the Himalayas.

The Kelly family plan to document their whole trip and you can follow their journey at

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