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Bungee jumper rescued after being stuck upside down at Ventura County Fair

Man rescued from bungee jump at...

VENTURA, Calif. - Three men were rescued when a bungee dropping ride malfunctioned at the Ventura County Fair Wednesday night.

Robert Rodriguez, 19, was left dangling upside down in the air 30 feet above the ground for a half hour before a fire department ladder truck was able to reach him.  He told reporters he was on the verge of passing out by the time he was rescued.  

"I remember I kept looking and could see the ladder coming towards me and they must of loosened me up and I lied down on the ladder and the firefighter tried to unhook me and he let me catch my breath, wake me up a little bit, because I was on the verge of passing out and he told me to crawl down the ladder slowly," Rodriguez said.

Two other men were waiting for turns to jump and were also rescued from the ride.

An investigation continues into what caused the ride to fail.  Other rides at the Fair remain open.

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