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Blood Needed Before Memorial Day

Blood Needed Before Memorial Day

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The central coast blood bank is seeing a decline in blood and blood product donations. It's  asking for help before the holiday weekend.

United Blood Services recruitment director, Scott Edward, said, "We have to have a good variety of blood products on the shelf."

United Blood Services wants at least 1,800 donations by Friday. They said they havent seen a decline like this in at least two years.

David Black, a long-time donor, was donating at United Blood Services on Monday. Black said Friday's donation makes 504 pints of blood he's donated in over 30 years.

Black is a Vietnam War veteran who needed 10 pints of blood after an injury during the war. He knows first-hand how important stocking the blood bank can be.

Recruiters at the blood bank said donations are used every day in hospitals for patients of trauma, cancer and accident victims. Edward added, "And  just countless surgeries going up and down the coast."

Blood bank workers think the decline can be attributed to windier and hotter days. Edward said "Even the fire in Lompoc canceled one of our major blood drives in Solvang because the power got knocked out."

The bank needs whole blood, platelets, and plasma. For more information on how to donate, log on to

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