Ventura County

Bath salts bust

3 Arrested for selling illegal bath salts in Ventura County

Bath salts bust

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - It's an alarming new trend among young people.

The use of a potent and addictive synthetic drug known as bath salts.

Tuesday at a news conference in Thousand Oaks authorities announced the arrest of three suspects for selling bath salts.

The investigation began in June when a woman crashed her car into a house and then told Sheriff's deputies that she was high on bath salts she purchased at a smoke shop called Doughmain in Moorpark.

Deputies arrested Joshua Wright of Moorpark and Jonathon Riedel and Brandon Sarrail of Simi Valley.

They say they were selling bath salts out of the Doughmain shops in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks.

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