Fifteen schools participated in Port Hueneme’s annual Engineering Competition on Thursday.  During the competition the students created a miniature rocket launcher with just the use of household supplies and a ping-pong ball as their missile.  Once the clock struck noon, the students had to test out their launcher in front of a panel of judges.

The task was not easy only two of the teams participating actually made it in the bullseye.

“All of us had butterflies in our stomachs.  After we made that shot into the bullseye then all of them just escaped,” said Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School student Kevin Kujiraoka minutes after his team hit the bullseye.

Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School in Camarillo took home the first-place trophy after receiving the highest score.  Not only does the school get bragging rights, but they will also get an opportunity to explore one of the ships at the base.  Balboa Middle School from Ventura received second place.