About 200 immigrant children are being housed at a temporary shelter in the Port Hueneme Naval Base.  By next week the temporary housing facility at the base is expected to reach capacity, housing nearly 600 children.

A group of lawyers, nonprofits and community members have come together to create a task force in hopes of making sure these children are cared for and legally represented.  Two of the members of the task force are attorney Laurel V. Betels and Immigration lawyer Gabriella Navarro-Busch.

"We really view this as a serious humanitarian issue.  We are hoping to make assessments of what is happening to the kids and what is going on and then we can hopefully go in and address these needs," said Betels.

"My No 1 goal is to address this humanitarian crisis that we are facing and now it is in our backyard and I just want to show how well the legal community in Ventura County has been able to mobilize and we are ready to help these children in any way we can," said Navarro-Busch

While in the government's custody the children will stay in the temporary shelter or be placed with a sponsor or family member that lives in the United States.  Depending on the child's circumstances immigration court will decide if the child will be deported back to their home country.

So far more than a dozen children have been placed with a family member or sponsor since the opening of the shelter.