Ventura Beach Nativity shows real meaning of Christmas

Local artist's work has gone viral

Ventura Beach Nativity shows real...

VENTURA, Calif - With Christmas just days away, a Ventura artist is spreading joy and good tiding to all.

Made entirely of rock, Juan Manuel Cisneros created a Nativity Scene on the Ventura beach sand. And he’s work has gone viral.

Photos of his beach artwork now topping 15 million views on social media. But many want to see it with their own eyes. People like Chandler Garrison from Valencia who drove down just to see it.

“It is truly incredible the passion some people have to create art and share it with the world,” Garrison said. “It is lucky for the rest of us.”

Cisneros has been building sculptures on Ventura beaches for more than two years but this is the first time his work has garnered so much attention. Bringing people from near and far to witnesses it.

“People they cry, they give me a hug,” Cisneros described. “I was trying to make a gift for the people of Ventura and at the same time it is the best gift I have ever had.”

The elaborate scene includes the Three Wise Men, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, of course.

For Cisneros his rock Nativity Scene isn’t just art. He says it’s a beacon symbolizing the true meaning of Christmas.

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