Two men survive a face to face encounter with a 12-foot Great White Shark

Three area beaches are now closed to swimming and surfing for 72 hours

Shark encounter shuts down local beaches

Santa Barbara County, Calif. - A retired fireman on a fishing trip with a friend  say they visited face to face with a Great White Shark just off Tajiguas Beach Saturday afternoon.  The incident happened early afternoon about 800 feet off  shore. The retiree says his friend had a fresh catch of bass and after drawing the live catch from the water to on-board their kayak the 12-foot man-eating predator breached the water and ultimately lifted the vessel out of the water.

 No injuries were reported but the mens' wits were apparently on end after the encounter. Currently three area beaches are closed for 72-hours to water recreation activities in response to the shark encounter. El Capitan, El Refugio and Gaviota State Beaches are affected. All three are set to re-open Tuesday morning at 8am to water recreation activities like surfing and swimming. 

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